WANT Apothecary Meets Richard Haines
We met Richard Haines at his studio apartment in Brooklyn to talk of how trying times lead him back to his love for illustration. By capturing the nuances of human shapes, gestures, interactions and attitude, Haines’ pursuit of authenticity has launched his passion project into a career as famed fashion illustrator.

“I became the most authentic person of myself, the person that I always knew I could be and wanted to be.”

Interviewed by Isaac Larose
WANT Apothecary x Richard Haines
Host the Holidays
“Working on the WANT collaboration reminded me that for the holidays, love is more important than ever before!”

The special edition holiday collection features custom artwork by Haines—capturing heart-warming moments when we step outside of ourselves, slow down, cherish, and deeply consider what is important. Inspired by the sense of optimism, where creativity is completely open to explore your curiosities.

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